When a Lamborghini drives down the road or is sitting in a parking lot, everyone instantly knows that it’s a Lamborghini, and that’s the way the company intended to manufacture their one of a kind luxury vehicles. From the crisp contours to the awe-inspiring colors available, everything within the Aventador was implemented with the overall purpose of turning heads on the street and giving the driver one hell of a ride.

First, let’s just take a look at the body of the vehicle. It’s made from carbon fiber monocoque, and the front and rear frames are made from aluminum (which doesn’t rust). The external mirrors are heated, as well as being electrically adjustable, from slight view adjustments to completely being able to fold.

Lamborghini Aventador Specifications:

  • V12 engine
  • Top speed of 217 miles per hour (2.9 second acceleration)
  • Dry double plate clutch
  • Catalytic converters that have lambada sensors
  • Dual hydraulic circuit brake system
  • 106.30 inch wheel base


Interested in a Lamborghini Aventador?

We don’t blame you. At Boca Autohaus, we had the pleasure of servicing one of these amazing cars and wow, they do not disappoint. There’s no luxury car brand that’s even remote competition in terms of design with the Aventador. Every Lamborghini sticks to the brand’s classic design that was inspired by an aircraft used in the United States Military Stealth Fighter Program.

  • Named by Car and Driver as the “Best Lamborghini Ever.”
  • Motor Trend named the Aventador the “Friendliest V12 Supercar in the World.”
  • 5th fastest time ever on Top Gear, hosted by Richard Hammond.
  • Winner of “Supercar of the Year” in 2011 from Top Gear.


Need Your Aventador Serviced by Professionals in Boca Raton?

If you have an Aventador and want it serviced by trusting auto mechanics that take pride in their work, bring it into our shop if you’re located in Palm Beach County. While we’ve seen a few on the road, we’d love to see more in our Boca Autohaus shop. Luxury sports cars are our forte, so if you bring your one of a kind vehicle into our shop, we promise we don’t disappoint.

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