While it started with the Audi A3, it wasn’t until the release of the Audi A4 that brand was truly revived to its luxury standards. Since the 1990’s when the first A4 was released, luxury car enthusiasts have kept their eyes on Audi due to the company’s ability to manufacture vehicles that have well finished cabins, all-wheel drive capability, and sharp handling.

Keep in mind, that if you’re a sports car enthusiast, the Audi A Series vehicles do have a larger body that can be best described as a Sedan style, although there are convertible variants. As far as what’s under the hood, you’re looking at a turbocharged four cylinder that’s not only great with fuel consumption, but also with acceleration.

Why Buy an Audi A Series?

Audi knows how to construct a high-quality vehicle. Within the A Series, you’re looking at 7 different types of models, all which vary from a coupe to a 3-door hatchback, and they include:

  • A1 (three-door hatchback or five-door sport-back)
  • A3 (three door, sedan, sport-back, cabriolet)
  • A4 (sedan, wagon, or crossover wagon/estate)
  • A5 (coupe, five-door sport-back, or cabriolet)
  • A6 (sedan, wagon/estate, or all-road crossover)
  • A7 (five-door hatchback)
  • A8 (full size luxury sedan)

Whichever of those A Series models you may be interested in; it’s guaranteed you’ll be investing in a high-performance vehicle. Every part in an Audi counts as the company is one of the leaders in manufacturing high-quality vehicles. Concerned about the safety features? Don’t be because Audi’s safety systems are brought to you by the company that pioneered a vehicles safety standards and crash testing nearly 100 years ago.

Need Your Audi A Series Serviced?

At Boca Autohaus, we love getting our hands dirty with an Audi A Series car, regardless of the model. We specialize in servicing luxury vehicles, so Audi’s are right up our alley. Even if you come in for a standard oil change, we’ll make sure your car drives better after leaving our auto shop. Audi’s are no stranger to Palm Beach County, so it’s safe to say that we definitely have a few Audi’s within our mechanic portfolio. For more information on how we can service your luxury vehicle, check out the rest of our website where we have a majority of all our service info listed.

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